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  1. I hope they will advance their app to fulfill their users wishes
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  5. How can I find out if a tracker has been put on my phone when someone else was using it?

More research has lead me to read that symptoms of a tracker could be; phone heating up mine gets very hot sometimes , battery drain I charge mine at least twice a day, if not 3 times. I do use it a fair bit, but always have so I think it's draining quicker now , higher data usage mine has sky-rocketed in the last few months , the screen lights up for no reason, it will often turn off even when it does have battery although I have also read the opposite where phones won't turn off , and unsual text messages or noises which I haven't noticed. Another forum I found somewhere, someone was suspecting the same thing on their phone.

I hope they will advance their app to fulfill their users wishes

They also commented that in the apps manager they had 2 S-memo apps and 2 factorykeystring apps as well as a basic daydreams app. Now this may very well be normal and that's what I'm hoping. I have also found an app called Mobile tracker. It has a white piece of paper with writing on it and a grey cog icon.

This person on the forum also said they had two system update apps which I have as well. Now, I'm wondering if my phone should be updating as I have never had an available update since I've had it, but in the last few days it has been asking me to update.

I keep going to but I never have any space apparently even though I don't have that many apps and I've deleted a bunch of photos. This makes me thing that perhaps something is taking up space in the background. If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it. This break up is just getting worse and worse and if he ever comes near me again he better watch out! I am in Australia if this information helps in anyway. Please help me out! Pink Mama. Like 0.

Do you have an antivirus system on your phone? Posted via the Android Central App. Like 1.

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Get your antivirus to scan your phone, it will detect hopefully every app on your phone. Hopefully if there is a tracker app on your phone it should detect it and consider it as malware. Also just a few questions: 1. Have you noticed any new apps on your phone?

spy apps for galaxy ace

Do you keep your GPS on or do you keep it off? Answer this if you said off to the last question Does your GPS turn itself on? Have you looked in the Google Play Store under my apps and then all? No I haven't noticed any new apps and there aren't any that I don't recognise in Google Play store my apps. The other girlfriend didn't find her tracker until she went into app manager not sure what phone she has. She told me to look for something like family locator, friend locator or ten20 which I couldn't find.

I'm just worried as he is very techy and knows how to do everything on phones. I'm also pretty sure he put something on my phone that he just downloaded from a website. Something to do with 'root' I can't remember why. That's gone now, I think I uninstalled it months and months ago. GPS is off most of the time, I don't use it much at all but often have bluetooth and data switched on. The android app says it has permissions to basically every aspect of my phone, so that worries me. Nothing on antivirus scan. The app called Android System is your operating system, if you somehow deleted that then your phone won't work.

If the tracker app was downloaded from a browser and then installed on your phone, then it won't appear in the Google Play Store. Go to your settings and under Security there's an option you can turn on called Unknown Sources, is it turned on? It's description should read "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources" While in your phone settings go to Accessibility, is there anything under services?

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  4. Under Security you should see an option called Device Administrators, I want you to click on that and tell me what you see Posted via the Android Central App. Attached Thumbnails. Ok, so that is the same icon as my android system so good to be reassured that it is actually my OS. Unknown sources is NOT ticked, however could he have ticked it, downloaded it and un-ticked it again? Thanks for your help so far, but it is 3am here in Melbourne and I really must go to sleep.

    I've been researching for hours! I will check back often tomorrow. Although, you'll probably be asleep then. Where did my reply go? That is the same icon as my android system so I'm glad to see that it is actually my OS. Unknown sources is NOT ticked, however could he have ticked it, downloaded it and then unticked it again?

    The sad truth is, people always slack off when no one is monitoring them. The salient features of this application can help me better manage the kids. Track an Android phone using the IMEI number To track an Android phone it needs to have both mobile data and location services turned on.

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    Samsung Spy Software

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    Features of Spymaster Pro for Samsung Phone

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    Youll see an onoff switch in the top right.

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    Free spy software for galaxy ace - Free spy whatsapp software for blackberry

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    How can I find out if a tracker has been put on my phone when someone else was using it?

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